If Austin, TX is on your list of top vacation spots this year, you may have your sights set on the beautiful emerald waters of Lake Travis. This jewel of a lake came to be in 1942 upon the completion of the Mansfield Dam the year before. Put in place to tame the wild waters of the Colorado river and prevent catastrophic flooding in the area, the Mansfield dam resides on the western edge of the lake spanning the canyon at Marshall Ford.

Since then, this historic reservoir has delighted residents and visitors alike with its peaceful ambience, numerous shoreside activities, and amazing opportunities to get out on the water on a boat, jet ski, wakeboard, or float. And while the water may be a little lower thus far in 2023, there is still a lot to like about the lake just west of one of the hottest towns (literally and figuratively) in the United States.

 How Low Will It Go?

This massive reservoir is 63.5 miles long and is occasionally studded with islands. Today, due to the drought affecting Texas and the southern part of the United States, there are more islands and peninsulas stretching into the water than ever before. With the water level in Lake Travis down approximately 40 feet in 2023 many people have questions about whether a trip to this picturesque spot is worth it or not. However, this does not mean that you should cross Lake Travis off your vacation list this year. Far from it. Indeed, this is actually one of the best times to get out on the water! The shoreline is more spectacular with high limestone cliffs surrounding the lake.

Boats, Floats & Specialty Excursions

paddling and sipping drinks In a freshwater lake of this size, even a severe drought cannot take away from the opportunity for exciting excursions on a luxury yacht such as the Fathom Freedom. Nearby hotels, resorts, and points of interest still operate and offer amazing vacation destinations with plenty of hiking, golfing, and lounging about. But the best way to beat the heat and enjoy the Texas summer is and always will be getting out and exploring the clear blue-green waters of the lake.

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Boating enthusiasts and those who love stunning lakeside scenery will not easily forget the fun and adventure provided by a legitimate boat with a professional captain and crew. Both short outings and full-day cruises are exceedingly popular with locals and visitors alike. Not only can you sit and have a snack and a drink from the comfort of the vessel itself, but many of the excursions also include an opportunity to burn some calories via swimming, paddle boarding, or kayaking! The lower waters at the lake certainly don’t hurt the amazing views of the hot Texas sun going down beyond the hills, either, as the fading light turns the water into a shimmering, sparkling gold. A sunset tour allows you to experience this gorgeous daily event and get plenty of photos to share online and treasure forever. Would you prefer a day trip focused on relaxation, instead? You’re in luck! Book a four-hour, all-inclusive spa cruise with yoga, massage, delicious, healthy food, and more!


Lake Travis has offered recreation, adventure, relaxation, and beauty for almost a century, and it will continue to do so despite the current low water levels. One of the best ways to experience this picturesque lake near Austin, TX is on the bow of a chartered yacht. So what are you waiting for? Get out on the water and make the most of your time with Captain John, First Mate Elena, and the rest of the friendly Fathom Freedom crew today!