When you think of the changing of the seasons from summer to fall and winter, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Changing colors? Surely. Football? Probably. What about pumpkin spiced lattes? Also likely! Autumn has a little something for everybody including a break from the brutal summer heat, a time to refocus your energy and priorities, and a time to get back home from a hectic season of traveling to and fro. One thing that might not come to mind when you think of the turning of the seasons, however, is boating.

Indeed, fall is actually one of the best times to be on the water! The sun is more forgiving, the peak crowds have all but gone, and the views of your surroundings are clearer than ever. If you’re looking to take advantage of all these possibilities and are interested in getting out on the water then you’ve come to the right place. Specifically, when chartering a yacht in Austin, Texas on Lake Travis with cooler fall and winter temperatures there are lots of reasons why to book.

In this article we will look at some of these reasons, and also make a case for why Lake Travis in fall and winter is the ideal place for you to be.

First Things First

Before we begin it’s important to define our terms. We all know what autumn and winter are by this point, but what exactly is a yacht charter? Firstly, and most simply, a yacht is a boat but bigger and badder than your average pontoon. Indeed, a yacht can be described as a boat with a cabin fit for dining, sleeping, or overnight use.

A charter, meanwhile, is a private or semi-private (two to three small parties together) trip. As such, a yacht charter is a private trip out on a big boat which is intended to keep folks comfortable, and for longer periods of time, despite the elements. That means you can have your cake and eat it too (you can literally eat cake on board) in that you can enjoy the seasonal scenery in all its glory from the comfort of a climate-controlled cabin with a cold or hot beverage, delicious foodstuffs, and all of your favorite friends and family members! This can be a great option if you want to have all the amenities of a resort with the privacy and flexibility of traveling wherever you want.

Wide Open Spaces

people relaxing on a yacht on lake travis The transition from summer to fall and winter on Lake Travis means fewer people and fewer boats to contend with. Whether you want to visit the Oasis, Hippie Hollow, or Mansfield Dam, the cooler temperatures scare away most of the boats parked in the hot spots.

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Even more, the disappearance of the party crowds and booze cruises means not only is it easier to get closer to the shore and the scenery, but it’s also a lot quieter. After all, if you’re paying to go out on a luxury yacht charter on Lake Travis, shouldn’t it be as relaxing and serene as possible? We think so!

More Bang for the Buck

Speaking of paying for charters, both fall and winter charters are better-priced than their peak season counterparts. All of the most popular charters including sunset cruises, spa day getaways, and team-building tours alike are on the table. Talk about savings! The reasons for this are twofold:

One is simply a matter of supply and demand. With throngs of folks flocking to Austin, TX throughout the warm months plus local demand that means lots of boats are going out multiple times per day.

Supply and demand is also the second reason, but it’s the supply and demand for fuel. Gas is almost always more expensive in the summer, so whether or not you rent or opt for a captained charter, the fuel cost is a huge factor in how much you’re going to have to pay.

Idyllic Scenery

sitting on the front of the boat in fall

Both fall and winter seasons provide for some of the absolute best views of Lake Travis and its many shoreside attractions. While Texas certainly isn’t the northeast in terms of the changing colors of fall there are still plenty of trees surrounding the lake to make your cruise extra special.

Another great part of the natural surroundings in the fall and winter season is actually the water itself. The first part of that is that there are fewer boats, so the water is calmer, cleaner, and clearer.

On top of that, there tends to be more water in the offseason. Indeed, summer in Austin can be oppressive with little to no rain, meaning water levels can get very low. Fall and winter brings cooler weather, less evaporation, and most importantly plenty of precipitation. More colors? Check. Clearer water? Check. More water? You betcha!

An Offseason Adventure to Remember

Fall and winter are great times to charter a yacht on Lake Travis in Austin for lots of reasons, including tranquility, cost, and scenery. The real beauty of a yacht is that no matter the weather or the season, you’re in for a great time!

Also remember that despite all of the snow in all of the classic Christmas movies this is still Texas, after all. Sure there are some cold mornings but by high noon it’s time to ditch the jacket.

So what are you waiting for? Get your closest friends and family members together today and head for the lake. Fathom Yacht Charters is here for all your boating needs no matter the season!

We look forward to having you aboard!